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Senior High School Student Preparing for University Entrance Exams

AI tutor is always by my side when I study at home. It quickly answers my questions and explains complex math problems, easing my anxiety and impatience.

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High School Freshman with a Middle School Sister

My sister uses AI tutor to master the basics, while I rely on it for the challenging high school math. Immediate explanations and support make learning smoother.


  1. What is the cost of using the AI tutor?

  2. Currently, the AI tutor's features are offered for free. A paid version is also planned for future release.

  3. What should I do when I feel unmotivated to start my homework? I heard that making a time commitment with friends is effective, is that true?

  4. Yes, that's correct. The AI tutor provides a feature where you can set homework time with friends, and you all gather at the agreed time to study together. People tend to keep commitments made with others, making this a very effective way to motivate yourself to start homework. Committing to a friend enhances individual responsibility and provides a great opportunity to concentrate on homework.

  5. What subjects does the AI tutor support for homework?

  6. The AI tutor supports a wide range of subjects for homework, including mathematics, English, science, and social studies. It can assist with any type of homework.

  7. What features does the AI tutor have?

  8. The AI tutor is a personal tutoring app that resolves questions instantly by sending photos of your homework via Discord. It teaches in a conversational style, which helps clarify points that might be difficult to understand just from textbooks or workbooks.

  9. How does the AI tutor provide support for homework?

  10. The AI tutor provides real-time homework support through Discord, allowing students to collaborate with friends to solve homework challenges.

  11. How accurate is the AI tutor in conversation?

  12. The AI tutor learns from a vast amount of text data and can respond with high accuracy to general conversation and questions related to learning.

  13. How effective is the AI tutor at helping finish homework?

  14. The AI tutor is designed to help students complete their homework quickly and efficiently, with many users reporting reduced completion times.

  15. What impact does the AI tutor have on students' grades?

  16. The AI tutor enhances learning effectiveness and improves motivation.

  17. How does using the AI tutor change your approach to homework?

  18. Using the AI tutor allows students to get immediate help with homework and learn more efficiently, reducing stress and encouraging a more active approach to learning.

  19. What are the benefits of using the AI tutor?

  20. Using the AI tutor allows you to resolve questions on the spot and enhance learning effectiveness. It also offers customized teaching tailored to each student.

  21. What is an AI tutor powered by GPT-4?

  22. GPT-4 uses the latest natural language processing technology to realize artificial intelligence conversation systems. An AI tutor powered by GPT-4 is a homework support system that utilizes this technology.

  23. What advice does the AI tutor give if I suddenly fall into a study slump?

  24. By asking the AI tutor, you can get suggestions for the causes of your slump and advice on how to overcome it.

  25. My child only uses their smartphone and doesn't focus on homework. Will using the AI tutor make it worse?

  26. GPT-4 uses the latest natural language processing technology to realize artificial intelligence conversation systems. An AI tutor powered by GPT-4 is a homework support system that utilizes this technology.

  27. What is an AI tutor powered by GPT-4?

  28. The AI tutor incorporates the latest ideas in neuroscience and psychology to intrinsically motivate learning, fostering a focused approach to homework.

  29. My child tends to avoid homework. How can the AI tutor help improve this?

  30. The AI tutor uses a gamified learning approach that makes homework more attractive and enjoyable, reducing the tendency to avoid it and maintaining interest in learning.

  31. I am a middle school student. Can I join a Discord channel for college entrance exam preparation at this age?

  32. Yes, if you are 13 or older, you can participate with parental consent.

  33. I feel anxious about homework. How does the AI tutor assist with this?

  34. The AI tutor provides support and strategies to reduce homework anxiety, offering specific steps and tips for individual assignments to help students tackle their work confidently.

  35. Sometimes I can't concentrate on my homework. What does the AI tutor provide to enhance focus?

  36. The AI tutor offers environmental settings and time management techniques to improve focus when working on homework.

  37. The deadline for my homework is near, but there is still a lot to do. How can the AI tutor help?

  38. The AI tutor provides urgent homework support and assists with efficient learning planning to ensure you can complete your homework by the deadline.

  39. The amount of homework feels overwhelming. How does the AI tutor manage stress?

  40. The AI tutor offers practical approaches to manage the volume of homework and the associated stress, supporting students through techniques of time management and priority setting.

  41. I want to plan before starting my homework. How does the AI tutor help?

  42. The AI tutor provides tools to support the planning and organization of homework, enabling effective management and adherence to schedules.

  43. I want to collaborate with other students on homework. How does the AI tutor support this?

  44. The AI tutor encourages group learning and cooperation, providing a platform where students can work together online on homework, promoting mutual knowledge sharing and cooperation.