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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as "this privacy policy") is provided by AwakApp Japan G.K., its subsidiaries and affiliated companies (hereinafter collectively referred to as "our company".) Individuals, including users of the services (including websites and applications, hereinafter referred to as "this service") operated by our company (individual business partners, job applicants for our company, shareholders including those who)(hereinafter referred to as “customers”), Personal information, etc. obtained from the “customer” (information related to the customer, including “personal information” defined in Act No. 57 of 2003, Act on the Protection of Personal Information (hereinafter referred to as the “Personal Information Protection Act”) ) shall be handled.

1. Acquired personal information, etc.

The personal information, etc., acquired by the Company is as follows, depending on the acquisition method.

(1) Information provided directly by customers We may ask you to provide us with information directly when you register information when you start using this service. Examples of the above information include:


  • Customer information such as name, date of birth, gender
  • Contact information such as e-mail address, phone number, address, etc.
  • Credit card information, bank account information
  • Information entered or sent by customers through input forms or other methods specified by the Company

(2) Information provided by third parties In operating our business, including the operation of this service, we may obtain personal information, etc. of our customers from third parties. For example, if you allow us to link this service with an external service such as a social networking service, we will acquire the following information from the external service based on the content you consented to at the time of permission.


  • ID used by the customer in the relevant external service (including identifiers converted from the same ID)
  • Other information that the customer has permitted to disclose to the partner through the privacy settings of the relevant external service

(3) Information automatically obtained by the Company when the customer uses the Service, etc. When you use or browse this service, information may be automatically sent to us through internet technology. Examples of the above information include:


  • Referrer -IP address
  • Information about server access logs
  • Information about cookies and similar technologies
  • ADID, IDFA and other advertising identifiers
  • Information related to device identification of information communication terminals such as terminal ID
  • Information about your browser, OS and other information and communication terminals you use
  • information about wi-fi connection
  • location information
  • Browsing history/action history
  • Other information on the status of use of the Service (including the status of use and settings of the Service, browsing history of content, etc.)

2. Purpose of use of personal information

We will appropriately use the acquired personal information, etc. within the scope of the following purposes.

(1) Purpose of use of personal information of service users

  • To provide the Service (including acceptance of registration for the Service, identity verification, user authentication, recording of user settings, maintenance of the Service, maintenance of security, etc.)
  • For billing customers who use paid services and for exercising our rights
  • To inform customers about the usage status and operating status of the Service
  • For guidance of this service
  • To improve and develop this service and new services
  • To respond to inquiries
  • To conduct customer questionnaires, monitors, interviews, etc.
  • To provide you with customized content
  • To send you notices about this service and our company
  • For distribution, display, effect measurement, etc. of marketing and campaigns
  • To create statistical data on the usage status of the Service, which has been processed into a format that cannot identify a specific individual
  • For judgment of transactions with the Company (credit judgment) and post-transaction management
  • To prevent and investigate acts that are prohibited by the terms of use for this service, or acts that may be, and to take appropriate measures based on them
  • For other items incidental or related to the previous items

(2) Purpose of use of personal information, etc. of our business partners, business partners, etc.

  • For communication necessary for business, fulfillment of contracts, business negotiations, etc.
  • For management of customer information

(3) Purpose of use of personal information of job applicants for our company

  • To provide information, contact, and notify job applicants
  • For recruitment screening (including reference checks and other confirmation procedures)
  • To assist in obtaining required entry visas and work permits
  • For purposes incidental to recruitment activities, such as statistical use for future recruitment plans

(4) Purpose of use of personal information of our shareholders

  • To manage shareholders, respond to the exercise of rights based on law, and exercise our rights and fulfill our obligations
  • To provide information and contact shareholders and investors
  • For research necessary to promote and improve public relations and IR activities

3. Provision of personal information to third parties

We do not provide personal information entrusted to us to third parties. However, the following cases are excluded.

  • When the customer individually agrees to the above provision
  • When providing all or part of personal information, etc. to our subcontractors within the scope necessary to achieve each purpose of use described in 2. above. In this case, the Company will provide the information after appropriately supervising the information management of the subcontractor. In addition, when providing personal information to the subcontractor mentioned above, the subcontractor may collate the personal information provided by the Company with the information on the customer held by the subcontractor. Please note that by agreeing to this Privacy Policy, you also agree to the above reconciliation.
  • When the Company conducts the following joint use
  • Information items to be jointly used: Personal information acquired by the Company. However, the login information of the customer's financial institution website, which AwakApp Japan G.K. acquires and holds through the Service, etc., is not subject to joint use.
  • Purpose of shared use: Same as the purpose described in 2 above.
  • Scope of shared use: AwakApp Japan LLC, its subsidiaries and affiliates.
  • Management responsible for shared use: AwakApp Japan LLC.
  • Other cases permitted under the Personal Information Protection Law The Company will not provide personal information to third parties overseas, except in cases permitted by the Personal Information Protection Act, such as when consent is obtained from the customer.

4. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

We do not store personal information (as defined in the Personal Information Protection Act, such as browsing history, location information, cookies, etc. that cannot identify a specific individual) to third parties such as advertising platforms. may be provided to the person At the time of the above provision, the third party will match the above personal related information with information that can identify the customer himself/herself, and personal data (as defined in the Personal Information Protection Act) will be processed. , we will provide the above after fulfilling the obligations required by the Personal Information Protection Law. In addition, customers who agree to this privacy policy and use this service will be deemed to have consented to the third party acquiring the customer's personal information as personal data with the above consent.

5. Methods of disclosure, correction, deletion, erasure, suspension of use, etc. of personal information from the person concerned

In accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, the customer shall disclose, correct, or delete the personal information of the customer himself/herself (including the record when providing or receiving personal data to a third party; the same shall apply hereinafter), correction, or deletion. , erasure, and suspension of use. Please contact the following e-mail address for requests for disclosure, correction, deletion, deletion, suspension of use, etc. of personal information, as well as opinions, questions, complaints, and other inquiries regarding the handling of personal information. Please note that when disclosing personal information, you will be asked to submit the identity verification documents prescribed by our company after selecting either the method of providing electromagnetic records or the method of writing. .

6. Security control measures

In order to prevent the leakage, loss or damage of personal information, etc. and to manage personal information safely, the Company implements security control measures in an appropriate and rational manner as shown in the attachment (details of security control measures). I'm here.

7. Supervision of employees and contractors

We regularly conduct in-house education on security and protection of personal information, etc., and strive to raise employee awareness and enlightenment of the protection of personal information, etc. In addition, the Company may outsource all or part of the handling of personal information, etc. in various operations. We will appropriately establish security control measures, confidentiality, conditions for subcontracting and other matters related to the handling of personal information, and will implement necessary and appropriate supervision.

8. Security measures

We will take reasonable precautions to protect personal information, etc. that we obtain, and will protect it both online and offline. We take the utmost care in handling personal information, etc., using technologies such as firewalls, intrusion detection, and SSL.

9. Unintended use

We will not use your personal information, etc. beyond the scope of the purpose of use stated in the privacy policy at the time of acquisition without your consent. However, this does not apply if it falls under the reasons permitted by the Personal Information Protection Law.

10. Procedure for changing privacy policy

The Company shall change this Policy as necessary, and when making changes that require the consent of the customer under the law, the contents of the changed privacy policy and the effective date will be posted on the Company's website. We will inform you or notify you by means of display or other appropriate means.

11. Contact point for inquiries and complaints

For inquiries and complaints regarding this privacy policy or our handling of personal information, etc., please contact us at the following contact information.


12. Technical information such as log files, cookies, and web beacons

In this service, we collect information such as your IP address, number of accesses, browser used, OS and other devices used by collecting log files, sending cookies, installing web beacons, etc. When you use this service, we also collect information about your device ID and wi-fi connection. You can refuse to accept cookies by setting your browser, but in that case you may not be able to use some of the website services. This information is collected for the purpose of analyzing usage trends of this service and investigating the cause of problems, and is not used for the purpose of identifying individuals.

13. Handling of personal information on linked sites

This service has multiple external links. This privacy policy applies only to this service, so please refer to the privacy policy of the linked website regarding the handling of personal information on external websites. However, the questionnaire uses an external ASP and may transition to a domain other than this website, but the handling of personal information is within the scope of this privacy policy.

Enacted and enforced on March 25, 2023