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An AI tutor can instantly resolve your questions, greatly improving your academic performance.

Equipped with the world's leading AI engine, 'GPT-4'.

3 reasons why AI tutors are chosen

AI tutor

1. It can be embarrassing to ask questions, but AI tutors can provide detailed and gentle explanations if you ask them.

AI tutor

2. With Chat GPT, even complex equations and physics symbols that are difficult to type can be entered simply by taking a picture with your camera.

AI tutor

3. To realize my dreams. The latest AI and brain science strongly support you to realize your dream.

AI tutor

Our goal is to increase your curiosity and academic ability.

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Developed by OpenAI

Equipped with GPT-4

GPT-4 is considered the top-of-the-line among the natural language processing technologies developed by OpenAI, and it is the largest language model in the world. By using GPT-4, AI tutors can achieve more advanced natural language processing and provide more accurate and appropriate responses to the questions and inquiries submitted by learners.


Trial plan

300 yen

(tax included)
/ 10 question ticket

This plan allows for 10 questions, valid for 2 weeks. You can cancel anytime.


Personal plan

2,980 yen

(tax included) / week

This is a weekly flat-rate model that allows for up to 250 questions, reducing the cost per question. You can cancel anytime.



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  6. How does the AI tutor affect student performance?

  7. How much does AI tutor cost?

  8. How accurate can the AI tutor interact?

  9. My child doesn't study because he uses his smartphone all the time. If he uses an AI tutor, won't he lose focus on his studies?

  10. My grades have suddenly dropped and I'm stuck in a study slump. What advice can you give me?

  11. I'm a junior high school student. Can I join the Discord channel for university entrance exams at my age?

What is AwakApp

AwakApp Inc. is a company based in Delaware that utilizes cutting-edge AI technology and gamification to develop innovative services for the global market that tap into people's "hidden talents." In addition to AI tutoring, the company develops games to help individuals regulate their biological rhythms and achieve a refreshing and energetic morning wake-up.

AwakApp Inc.

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